What we'll cover

Explore and build your unique personal brand and interview impact.

    1. Welcome!!!

    2. Welcome

    1. Welcome to Module One

    2. Your Personal Brand

    3. Let's find out about spinach....

    4. VIDEO: Introducing yourself

    5. REFLECTION ZONE: 'Tell me about yourself'

    6. Identifying your optimal environments

    7. VIDEO: Your ideal career environment

    8. REFLECTION ZONE: Optimal environments

    9. Finding your strengths

    10. VIDEO: Your strengths and skills

    11. REFLECTION ZONE: What am I good at?

    1. Welcome to Module Two

    2. VIDEO: Your impact

    3. Exploring your Purpose

    4. VIDEO: Finding Your Purpose

    5. A different approach to help find your purpose: Ikigai

    6. Describing your purpose

    7. VIDEO: Describing your purpose

    1. Welcome to Module Three

    2. VIDEO: Your unique selling point

    3. What are your core values?

    4. VIDEO: What you stand for

    5. More content to explore your values

    6. Discovering your story

    7. VIDEO: Discovering your story

    8. Telling your Story

    9. VIDEO: Telling your story

    10. Toby’s brand story

    11. Interview top tips

    1. Welcome to Module Four

    2. VIDEO: Who you stand with

    3. Your Career Board

    4. VIDEO: Creating your career board

    5. Standing out in a sea of candidates

    6. You ARE what you post!

    7. VIDEO: How you stand out

    8. Other content tips

    9. VIDEO: How you move forward

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